Pass on the Knowledge

I had a lovely weekend at home with the family. We did a bit of shopping, a bit of cooking, lots of eating, too much playing and not enough sleep.

My friend came over for lunch on Sunday. Her mum has bought her a sewing machine and she has a mortal fear of getting it wrong.  I think sewing classes in school were a chore not a pleasure.  Memories of chopping fabric out of the jaws of the machine flooded back.  I said I’d teach her how to make something.  She said “don’t be silly” and “I can’t do that” but she didn’t protest for long.  I opened my secret stash drawer and she was sold.

Ten minutes later we were cutting out some fabric for a simple drawstring bag. Thirty minutes later and she had made it!  She was so pleased.  It’s hard to beat the feeling when you have made something you are really pleased with.  She is now talking cushions and bags…  I got a picture message a few hours later – she had made another one!  I am so proud!

Joint effort on the left, flying solo on the right!

Sewing is about being creative but it is so much about being methodical and having some confidence in yourself.  There’s hardly a project on which I haven’t used a seam ripper.  You also need to know when it’s never going to work and not beat yourself up about it.  But it makes the next successful project all the more rewarding.

My current projects on the go are a white version of my purple dress and some new baby sets.  I have a lot of friends in the family way.  Pictures to follow when they are finished.


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